A taste of Spiritualism

Amid lockdown, the time is perfect to explore new avenues. Being an avid reader, I am always in search of an opportunity to explore READING. Thanks to South Delhi Toastmaster Club which has come up with an idea of ‘Leaders are Readers Book Club’ where an author is called as a keynote speaker every week. This free session is conducted online on Zoom app. The weekly session is of 1 hour divided as below –

  1. First 20 minutes – Author views on benefit of reading and personal experience
  2. Next 20 minutes – Reading session where attendees can volunteer to read a paragraph from the author’s book and summarize it in 30 seconds
  3. Last 20 minutes – Q&A sessions with author

In first 20 minutes –

Vasundhra Gupta, a spiritual coach, was the keynote speaker this time. She started the session with asking who haven’t read any spiritual book. I wrongly raised my hand as I was unaware of the meaning of spiritual books (because I have read ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss). She explained that religion came out of spiritualism. She even highlighted that we can get treasure of quotes, a mentor to support in searching our meaning and embodiment of truth through having spiritual books in our life. I am planning to read some books in future.

 In next 20 minutes –

We got a chance to read about ‘Soul Contracts’.  While summarizing, we learned that our soul take birth to complete the learning we are entitled to. We keep taking birth until the learning are accomplished. We meet various people (or soul contracts) in our life with a purpose of completing our learning. Hard people come to teach us a lesson. Hence, we need to embrace every situation as it is all just a nourishment for the soul. (Click here to read more about Soul Contracts)

In Last 20 minutes –

I love this session as this is the doubt clearing time. Against my question on how we can implement spiritualism in our daily life, she gave a simple answer – focus on one thing at a time. While we are driving, enjoy driving and while listening to a podcast, just immerse fully into it.

I recommend everyone to join these sessions. They have variety and are a good learning avenue. And hard to believe, it is all FREE.

*Please watch the session online – Click here.




  1. Beautiful….focus one thing one time…Vimanyu I must a bit tough….but wonderful thing…i call it as present in present…

    I go for certain activities for the same and can say awareness is the key to it .For me there is nothing to wonderful than “Be in in Moment”

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  2. Hey!!! this is another supeb magic work of yours its really great to see how u keep up the sprit high and this toastmaster club reaching new heights besides all odds u keep conducting things all is the result of your consistent perseverance…😊


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