Let’s taste spirituality

I do not know exactly when I started taking interest in spirituality. I even do not know why I even started this journey. It may be the lockdown effect when I came in touch with many budding authors and readers. It may be the influence of my dad who reads on a diverse topic where spiritualism is the one key topic. It may also because of the distant wish to connect together the lessons of various books I read which was pointing towards a common theme – spirituality.

Whatever may be the reason, but I am glad that I took steps this way. But I am naïve in this journey. Recently, my friend Samruddhi presented me with a book titled “Immortal Talks” authored by Shunya.

Let’s go deep into this book.

How did I start?

As she tagged this book as “highly recommended”, I had to read it. I accept that the start was tough for me. I had to read the initial 25 pages twice to grasp the concepts. But the story format kept me hooked and helped me sail successfully till the end in just 4-5 hours.

What it is all about?

Humans love narration and storytelling. The best part about this book is that all the key lessons are revolving around a central line story. The story revolves around a tribal group known as Mahtangs. These are jungle dwellers and worship Lord Hanuman. They believe that their lord returns to their jungle every 41 years. And when he returns, he shares life wisdom with them.

Photo by Riya Kumari on Pexels.com

These pearls of wisdom are dealt with in every chapter. 6 chapters are dealing with different aspects of life. A few of the highlights are –

  1. This world is an illusion and the materialistic world in which we live is all maya.
  2. There is a story of a mermaid who tries to drag the Mahtangs into the inner water world where the inner water world resembles the materialistic world (maya) in which our soul gets stuck.
  3. It also mentions that soul is just a wanderer and not the owner of transient things. It highlights that we do not have to stick to anything.

The best line from the book according to me is – “The greatest act of kindness can send tremors through the entire establishment of Time-Space.”

What did I like about this book?

It is really a small book with only 160 pages and hence easy to read. This book is a must-read for two types of people –

  • anyone who is planning to embark on a spiritual journey or
  • anyone one who has already started

I believe all human falls in above two categories only. Hence, this book is for all.


  1. Great to see that you started taking interest in spirituality too. Thanks buddy for your summery of Immortal Talks” authored by Shunya. it really helped us to understand the insights of the book without reading it. You are doing great job.. Keep it up!

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  2. Every human being in this world is spiritual to some extent!!! Spirituality gives peace of mind and helps us to lead a simple and happy life!!

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  3. Very deep concept is summarised by you in nutshell ,truly easy to grasp by most of readers.

    Whatever we see or feel from our outer sense of mind is illusions(maya). Through power of insight ,When we start to see or feel anything, then true reality comes on surface of our mind.

    So,never judge or conclude any circumstances,persons or events in life from outer surfacial level, but with calm and cool mind, ponder on truth behind this illusions.

    Then, will come to a point where our many life problems will automatically resolve.

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