My first experience with fishes

I don’t know how to define my good luck in words for getting a great social circle in Patna. I am staying in this city for the last two years and every day indeed is a better day. My typical weekend comprises of working on some official task but I rarely have typical weekend. Instead I prefer an awesome and exciting weekend. Such weekend comprises of a few minutes of exercise, great breakfast and two hours of Toastmasters meeting. After that, we, the Toastmasters buddies head for a great lunch and some fun time together to discuss various life happenings in general.

Few days back I was doing one course in an online platform ‘Coursera’ with the title of ‘The Science of Well-Being’ in which it was mentioned that we all must invest in experiences instead of materialistic things to attain happiness. After my last weekend, I can bet on this line.

We four (Toastmasters) were roaming in a mall and came across a fish pedicure corner. We all decided to try it. This was the very first time I was going to try it. Imagining a fish biting my leg was itself a terrifying thing for me, but I am glad I tried it.

What a unique feeling it was!

The moment my toe touched the water surface, all fish rushed towards it like they have got a fresh food. It was tickling initially but then after 30 seconds, I was feeling as if I am in heaven.

The beautiful creature touching your feet without giving a hint of doing so,

Their tiny mouth doing mini vibrations,

Tickling me, making me laugh.

I was laughing during those heavenly 15 minutes. It was a relaxing act. I loved it so much that in the last two days, I have done fish pedicure twice and planning to do it again on next weekend. I never or rather I couldn’t sleep in the afternoon even on weekends and this is the very first time in the last two years that I slept like Kumbhakarna (brother of Ravana who used to sleep for straight six months in a row) for straight two hours. The full credit behind it goes to hyper-active fishes.

I recommend this rich experience because-

  • You will fall in love with beautiful creature called fish instantly
  • You will feel a deep sense of calmness and your body will be relaxed
  • It will be added in your list of new experience
  • It is economic and cost only INR 100 for 15 minutes



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