A book to read, a book to redefine life

It is often said that knowledge is everywhere and we only need to identify it and grasp it. I don’t want to comment on this but I can surely say that books are everywhere and we just need an eye to catch a good (book) one. Few days back I visited one of my friend Aditya and came across a good book. It is ‘The subtle art of not giving a fuck’ by Mark Manson. It was on my list from a long time but never bought that (even till now).

What is it all about?

The best part of the whole book is its concept of breaking the set norms. From the title itself (where ‘f**K’ word is used in the cover itself) to the name of each chapter, it is continuously breaking the stereotype. It is totally appropriate to mention the chapter names and they are-

  • Happiness is a problem
  • You are not special
  • You’re wrong about everything
  • The importance of saying NO
  • …and then you die

Now you must have got an idea what I was talking about. We consider happiness to be the ultimate goal but it says happiness is a problem. We think we all are born special but it says just opposite.

  • Chapter name is the first step which will entice you to start reading it. But once you have covered a lesson, you will delve into introspection and would feel happy.
  • The book wants to communicate that it is fine for us to worry about a lot of things (i.e. to give a f**K) but the need is to focus such f**k for the right things. Such right things can be your family & friends and whole social connection.
  • It urge for embracing the uncertainty because certainty is the enemy of growth. Uncertainty is good as it brings important lesson to improve yourself.
  • The only thing which lies in our hand is to cherish every experience whether good or bad. Every new experience is just the new page of our book of life.

In this era of hyper comparison, we are continuously judging others and OURSELVES. We build our own set of metrics for comparison. It can act as a negative thing unless we chose such metrics which leads to good problems which makes us a better person after solving them.

A good example of poor selection of metrics for comparison can be understood by the following story-

‘A talented young guitarist was kicked out of a famous band. He got frustrated and started working on his own band. He worked hard to recruit the best talents. His band became famous and sold over 25 million albums. His name is Mustaine and is considered to be one of the most brilliant and influential musicians in the history of heavy-metal music.

The band from which he was kicked out was Metallica which sold over 180 million albums worldwide. It is considered to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Mustaine even after achieving so much considered himself to be a failure as he set his benchmark to be ‘Metallica’ (he thought of beating the sale of 180 million album to be the metric of success).’

It tells that good values must be adopted which are reality based, socially constructive, immediate and controllable.

Why to read it ?

This book is the one which continuously question our set beliefs. While I was reading it, I came across multiple counter intuitive concepts in it. It is a light read and yet effective one.

The book ends beautifully with the chapter titled ‘…and then you die’. It says that we all are going to die at the end and hence it is not worthy to give a fuck to unnecessary elements.

It suggest us to live a grand life. It says that happiness mantra is to live a life to serve beyond yourself. It will change many of our belief system. Somewhere in the middle, you will feel a change in thinking. It will change the perspective towards life.

“Live a life to help others and be happy.

Worry less, live more, experience more & create beautiful memories.”

My rating

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I will give 7/10 for the unusual concept it presents to its readers.



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