Happiness sutra : Happiness in its correct form

In our regular life, once in a while we get a chance to make our life a non-regular one. Many a times, we are unable to understand that a minor event or a small action may affect our life to a big deal. We realise it once we are done with it and start thinking of its results. It may be a thing, an event, an experience, a person or anything.

For a person working in a corporate world, finding sutra of staying happy is one such thing. Happiness is undoubtedly one such word which is known by everyone and yet unknown to many. I was recently taking one online course on COURSERA (an online learning platform) with the title of “The Psychology of well-being”. This course has undoubtedly changed my perception about happiness in a big way. I have some scenarios to present the conclusion of this beautiful course.

Scenario 1: iPhone VS nature connect

Case 1: Imagine you bought an iPhone and you are talking about it with your friends. You will be happy. You will feel it is worth every penny.

Case 2: Suppose you went to Meghalaya and got an opportunity to see “Seven sisters waterfall”. You are sharing your trip experiences with your loved ones. You are happy and excited while sharing it.

Green umbrella of Patna zoo

Conclusion: You can talk about your new phone for few days or few weeks but you can share your trip experiences for the rest of your whole life. Talking about it will induce a similar level of excitement to other person also. You will feel and cherish it like your own treasure. It will result in happiness boost. The learning of the trip will stay on your side in difficult times.

Lesson: Invest in experiences rather than on objects.

Cherrapunjee – From my recent trip to meet my special friend Punam

Scenario 2: Bad day at work VS good sleep

Case 1: Many a times we end our days in a bad mood because of work issues. We start thinking about it deeply and end up thinking that the world is bad place to live in. It affect our sleep also.

With cp
With Punam, my happiness guru
TM family
With Toastmasters family

Case 2: Instead of thinking negative about world, see we are lucky to get fresh water to drink every day, nice food to eat, good friend circle to cherish our time, good complete body parts to do anything, stable mind to think endlessly, supporting family to act as a backbone, books to learn and a nice bed to take a great sleep. You will be amazed that there are endless things which many only dream of.

Lesson: Practice gratitude every night before going to sleep just for 2 minutes. It will relax you and fill you with joy.

Scenario 3: Happiness misfits

Case 1: Imagine you got 70% in your first exam. Then, we all think that happiness will be attained of 90% is achieved in the next exam. If you are a junior employee, then we think that on achieving senior level, happiness will be achieved. But that is not the case. Once, these targets are achieved, the next score or promotion becomes our target to be happy. It acts as a never ending process.

A cup of tea with Tej, Shalini & Mir make my day end well

Case 2: You are enjoying a good health. You are able to sleep properly. You maintain a good exercise routine. You play games. You often interact with nature. You have a good support system in the form of trusted friends and loving family. In such case, you will be very happy.

Lesson: We are having a multiple wrong notion about happiness. Succeeding good grades in exams, getting promotion, buying a new car are few such notions. We need to understand that at the end of the day – generosity, gratitude, caring and kindness – will result in long-term happiness.

Spend time
Enhance social connection

Scenario 4: Growth mindset

Case 1: imagine how sad we become when we make any mistake in our work life. We think we are the best and feel envy how a junior can give a better suggestion than us. We think that the talent is acquired inherently.

Case 2: Just think of those days when you were not the smartest person in a room. You were surrounded with a new range and a new level of ideas & imagination by other people who are working with you. You realize how important that day was in terms of great learning. You keep on learning every day considering mistakes a teacher.

Lesson: Keep improving and be happy.

We all are born with one right – the right of happiness. It is our right to be happy. I hope above 4 lessons can act as a helping hand for happiness. Get rid of false notion about reason of happiness and cherish every day like it is the last.

Be happy.


  1. These are not 4 lessons but Mantra to lead ones life.very artfully and artfully explained by you.It shows maturity does not require a tag of Age…. Great thoughts….

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  2. You quest for Happiness..you ask me the reasons of my happiness, you read book on it, you did online course etc.. I am happy finally you got your answer.. No one can make you happy unless you live happily.. Enjoy every moment of your life and learn to improve..

    Liked by 1 person

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