I know beauty is everywhere…

Sitting on the corner of my balcony,

Putting the chair on the lonely corner of my balcony,

Looking through the glass window,

The serene view in front,

Feeling on the skin the rushing wind

The wind arriving through the curvy corners and gaps,

And the beauty itself.

View in front from my balcony…(source of inspiration for the lines)

The view of dusk,

The view standing on the cusp of hope and despair,

Hope because of the beauty it holds,

The beauty of sunrays emerging from the back of greyish clouds,

The beauty of pink shade amidst the greyish clouds,

The beauty of returning flock of birds,

A flock similar to the black spot amidst the dusk,

Dusk of despair,

As signalling the end of beautiful day,

And navigating the arrival of darkness & night.

Seashore of Bhubaneswar, Odisha

The dusk is just one momentary flash,

A flash of whole day,

Imagine how beautiful this flash is,

Just a flash is enough to realizes the beauty,

A day is a continuum of such flashes,

An year is a continuum of multiple days,

And year then constitutes our life.



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