Luck by luck

Happiness is a good state to be. Every person in this world aspire to become a happy soul. We may have set many benchmarks for success but ultimately our sole reason of attaining it is to get happiness.

Life is really a great laboratory to perform multiple tests to understand the concept of happiness. Life takes you to diverse places with diverse culture and gives a chance to meet different type of people.

My life is not like river which flows from the peak of mountains to the plain lands covering many milestone in between and satiating the thirst of a big chunk of living beings but my life can be compared with a brook. A life which covered fewer milestones and touched the life of fewer living beings just like the brook which has a minor identity in comparison to a river. The presence of minor identity doesn’t undermine the beautiful effect a brook has on its surroundings.

“I slip, I slide, I gloom, I glance,
Among my skimming swallows;
I make the netted sunbeam dance
Against my sandy shallows. ”

-The Brook

I feel happy to read the above lines from the poem “The Brook” by Alfred Lord Tennyson and hence dig for a brief introspection. As a result, I find my eyes closed but my sight is open. I can clearly see the pictures of beautiful memories I wove one by one and my connections (which includes my family & friends) which I preserve.

Every day I return back from work, I think about the whole day for a bit. I find so many reasons to be happy and none to be unhappy. I sometimes tries to search for my happiness in the external factors but later realized the contradiction.

“The contradiction so beautiful,

The contradiction so complex and yet so simple,

The contradiction which seems unfathomable at once but still sitting just close to you,

The contradiction that happiness lies within me.”

After a deep thinking (which I rarely do!), I realized that my happiness lies within me. I just need to identify it, unleash it and then keep it free so that it can fly anywhere with full wings. If the inner self is happy, the world is happy too. Our inner self is the mirror of outer world. I feel lucky to get this luck by luck.

It is a question which will stay whether I got luck by luck or luck by my efforts but the beautiful solution of this question lies in the state of confusion.

A person who always have a smile on her face…Punam

The credit goes to confusion because happiness doesn’t urge for a reason. It just urge us to be happy – nothing less, nothing more.

Be happy.

Be aware.