I am not doubting the fact that I am giving enough amount of my energy and time to Toastmasters. But I am still amazed by the level of ROI I am getting in return. How? Let’s go deeper…

I am not a spiritual kind of person but I sometimes pray to the supreme being (an element which I believe is beyond my understanding!) that please don’t let me feel lonely in this new city i.e. Patna. I was not expecting such an instant response against my prayer. It blessed me with the membership of Patna Toastmasters Club (PTC).

My PTC Group

The time when Sunday evening was filled with loneliness,

The time when I felt loneliness is really a killer,

The time when I realised all my friends were going into their separate way & starting their own career path in the creation of their own niche,

The time when office connects & project assignments were the only gifts I got after my job life started,

The time when Sunday was just an another day or a day tagged as “a day to work from home”,

But time listen to no one,

Bounded by its inherent nature of instability,

It changes but changes for good,

But every time it changes,

It comes with the positivity & happiness,

To fill the missing links of my life,

To provide a reason to smile,

To make this life a better one,

And this time,

It gave me PTC membership as a gift,

A gift so precious,

A gift to cherish for the rest of my life.

My PTC family..full of weirdos

If I need to believe that this world is a good place, I simply make a call to TM Mohit (Every member of Toastmasters is called by prefix TM i.e. short for Toastmaster). I used to be an avid reader few years back. But somehow amidst fulfilling my official duties and obviously due to my inherent nature of laziness, I couldn’t bring back my reading habit but until one day. One day my cook was out and so I took refuge in TM Mohit’s home for dinner. He was generous enough to pick me from my office itself. We had a good conversation with respect to our families, job life and life in general. But the best time was just before the delicious dinner prepared by his mother. The time when he showed me his books on diverse topics ranging from ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ to ‘Osho books’ with a personalised and brief summary from him. As he was summarising book by book, my once lost passion towards books got its very much required spark/ignition.  The very next week, I started ordering new books. As a result, I have already finished few good books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Monk who sold his Ferrari, Steve Jobs , ‘The hidden life of Trees’ and just started reading ‘Thinking fast and Slow’. Now I feel I am on the right path as far as my commitments for reading habit is concerned.

Meet TM Mohit with his script

The other day I was talking to him in general and on asking why is he in hurry on every Sunday (after the PTC meeting), he mentioned that he is a member of an NGO which collects (remaining) food from various institutions in order to give it to the needy people. The moment I heard it, I went into deep introspection (as it is in our gene!) and realised that I am not doing anything for anyone (Oops! I must erase this memory.).

They are my students, they are my teachers, & the most important they are my buddies (Friends) for life…

The longest (80 years) and a very intensive study done by Harvard researchers ( on happiness revealed a very good insight which can be described in the words of Robert Waldinger, Director of the study as-

“The surprising finding is that our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on our health.”

This research gave me a proof that I can be fearless about my health (even without joining any gym!) as I have got such great friends here in PTC.


Wealth = Health 

Health = Happy relationships 

Happy relationships = Selfless friends 

& Selfless friends = PTC  

Hence, proved that –

Health = Wealth = PTC

I have shared only about TM Mohit in this blog but the beautiful connects and stories of other precious members like Tanweer, Dr. Chetna, Saurabh, Abhishek, Tej, Ramesh, Ankita, Shalini and Shilpy are still remaining.

Return on Investment (ROI) is a financial term used to measure the efficiency of investment and measured as –

ROI (as per Investopedia) = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment

I would like to think it as output vs input ratio as below-

ROI (my perspective) = (Wealth gain as output/ Wealth invested as input)

I am getting a huge ROI with my membership with PTC which can be understood from the following diagram as well.


I would recommend to visit your nearest Toastmasters club (please visit to understand in actual what I wanted to convey and to get an infinite valued ROI like me.

We welcome everyone…

I can bet you won’t regret your decision to join it.



  1. Very well said,if anyone have a desire to be a wonderful speaker(leader) than they must have to join toastmaster club 😀.I undoubtedly say that will be one of the best decision they will take.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Toastmaster is a magnificent platform where we can full fill the creteria of real education by know ing communication skill, leadership qualities, manarism,and standard of our life,etc….
    Thanks to Toastmasters club for being in Patna.I am getting so many things…..


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