A book with a difference…

No one can forget the beautiful lines of Master Oogway (a character from the movie Kung Fu Panda) which goes like this –

“Yesterday is history,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

but today is a gift that is why it’s called the present.”

Without realizing the importance of above lines, we all are still not living in the present. As a normal human being, our mind is occupied with the billions of thoughts for the future. The same case applies to me too but luckily few of the lines form one of the article changed my line of action. The line which kicked my mind into thinking was –

“The books I will read today will decide my life five years down the line.”

The thought supplementing to it was-

“We should ignore those things which are not going to matter after five years but we should pay a close attention & care towards those which are going to matter.”

Merging the two thoughts leave no choice to me but to READ. Exploring the reason behind the success of highest selling books is an interesting act. Hence, on the recommendation of Mohit (one of my great buddies) and intrigued by the attention gathered by Robin Sharma, I simply started reading “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”.

We all make a new life by making choices and I am certain now that I made a good choice by picking this book. As my fingers were hovering through the black and white pages of book, my mind was getting calmer moment by moment and a feeling of immense satisfaction (without any known reason) was felt. The last four nights were one of the best nights in terms of the quality of sleep I got.

The book revolves around two characters. One character is Julian Mantle (JM) who was a very successful lawyer and now turned into a monk (in reference to the lifestyle) after selling his full assets and paying a visit to Himalayan ranges. The other character is his friend and colleague John. The author wants to reflect himself by the medium of JM.  The whole plot revolves around a mystical fable – a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny.  

This fable is told to him by Yogi Raman who has already attained Nirvana. He told JM that Sivanan system is based upon seven basic virtues which are represented by the seven elements of the fable.

The fable goes like this-

“Imagine you are sitting in a magnificent and green garden. You see a red lighthouse in the centre of this garden. Then, a sumo wrestler wearing only a pink wire cable around his waist came and see a stopwatch. He slips and fall to the ground but then after sometime wake up and see the roses all around and then took a path of million sparkling diamonds. And this path leads him down the road of everlasting joy and eternal bliss.”

The seven highlighted elements – (i) green garden, (ii) lighthouse, (iii) sumo wrestler, (iv) pink wire cable, (v) stopwatch, (vi) roses and (vii) diamonds symbolize the ways to make our life extraordinary.

Monk ferrari

It shows that there are small twists which we can make in our life in order to attain immense happiness like-

  1. Focus with passion will lead to happiness
  2. Element of worry leads to energy leakage and hence must be avoided
  3. Introspection before sleeping is a MUST
  4. Believe in Law of attraction
  5. The track of life is constructed by the bricks of thoughts, keep entry open only to good thoughts
  6. Give more to receive more & repeat good acts for 21 days to convert it into a habit
  7. Kaizen philosophy – continuously strive for self-expansion & improvement
  8. Read regularly
  9. Keep ‘Deathbed mentality’ which denote living every moment like the last
  10. Serve & love others
  11. Happiness is a journey, not a destination

I am not an Enlightened fellow but I have gain a new perspective towards life after completing this book. Since we get a chance to live only once, then why not to live to the fullest. This book can be the first milestone towards MEGALIVING.

Embrace Surroounding
Explore beauty in surrounding
Greenify life
Greenify your mind & world

In the last, I would totally recommend everyone to read this book at least once and Robin totally deserves the praise he is getting. Actually, this book is not meant to JUST READ and throw in the corner of the shelf but to adopt and implement in our daily life. I am also trying and struggling but the undoubted hope of reaping positive result is still there.

Try it.

I can bet for a positive result in advance.

Reflecting on yourself is the key to MEGALIVING


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