My CC#2 : Be positive!

Good morning fellow Toastmasters and prospective members as guests.

You all must remember your childhood days when we had a busy time doing nothing (nothing as per the definition of elder community). I guess they can never understand our world.  

You all must remember the days when we had excessive amount of leisure hours to observe the strange but beautiful phenomenon of nature.

I am just the same like you all.

One day my mother called me from the kitchen asking to distribute the new sweet dish to our neighbour for which I proudly replied that “I am busy”. The moment I said those words, my mother rushed towards my room and said “you really have your father’s genes, you both don’t work but still manage to be busy”. I said to myself that at least I was never in doubt of this fact.

One another day my mother again called me to taste the freshly prepared Rasogullas. In general, the word Rasogulla (the sweet angels) is enough to break my concentration and forgetting all whatever I am doing. But this day was a different day. I was getting bored and hence I indulged myself with some random activity.

When someone say to me- “Boredom is the God’s way of telling you that you’re wasting your time.”

My answer to them is – “This world is very beautiful. There’s no time to get bored.”

I was (actually) busy playing with…. Hmmm….ants. I had my lens of keen observation ON. I was observing how beautifully all the ants were moving in a row carrying the loads heavier than their own weight (even as per research, it is found that they can carry 10-50 times load of their body weight). I was trying my level best to disturb their row with my dirty and evil hands.

But suddenly I stopped.

The time passed by and I was lucky enough to experience a wider screen of life – from gulli danda in Najibabad to get mesmerized with the gurgle, burble & splashes of flowing Ganges in Uttarkashi to the Board exams fear in Allahabad to the making & breaking of IIT & IIM dreams in Mumbai & Nagpur.

But finally a beautiful halt came to my life during my MBA days. I got a friend named Punam. She is from Assam and is a very happy and cheerful person. Her philosophy for life is to live every moment like it’s the last.

It is my practice that I always make a call to my mother before sitting for any exam or before giving any interview. She always has a three liner motivation mantras for me –

“All the best, Best of luck & Be positive”

These mantras were just like curd with sugar for me. I always listened to the mantra but never fully realized its essence until an incident changed it.

It was the night of 23rd Oct, 2016. I was sitting with Punam after having not so delicious food of hostel in dinner. My heart beats were running like Usain Bolt. My anxiety was relaxing at the peak of Mt. Everest. I was sweating non-stop. You all must be thinking what for? The answer is – my dream company was coming for recruitment on the very next day. As always, I was not prepared in any way either mentally or physically. But then few words from Punam changed my whole condition.

She said – “Just be positive. They would be unlucky to not have a guy like you”. Then she described few of my strengths about which even I was unaware of. Next day, I gave my interview and answered only 3 questions out of 10. Oops…I was sure about my poor result but somehow the POSITIVE FACTOR nailed it for me. I am working with EY now. At the very moment my result of selection came, I realised the source of inspiration of those ants in my room. Those ants were all moving in positivity keeping concern of their ultimate goal of building their strong castle.

I might have got the lesson of optimism a little late but it is always better to be late than never.

10.06.18 grp selfie
Selfie with PTM group

So, all my optimistic fellow Toastmasters and eminent guests, just remember:

Whenever you are stuck, BE POSITIVE.

Whenever you are in pain, BE POSITIVE.

Whenever you feel the prevailing darkness, BE POSITIVE.

Because the world would be unlucky to not have a positive person like you.

Thank you.

Over to Toastmasters.





  1. As usual I am fan of your writing, you are true motivator for me or may be for anyone 👌.

    Above one was genuine feedback given by reader, now come to 2nd part:

    I think you missed the motivation feeded by me into you…. Sale Tu EY ja KR badal Gaya… This one a genuine complain of your friend 😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

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