My Ice breaker speech @Patna Toastmasters club

Mr. Toastmaster

Good morning to all the Ladies, gentleman and guests

Part 1 – What’s in a name? (Shakespeare)

Vimanyu….Viiii Manyu…sorry…Yes…it’s (Vi + Manyu). OK nice but a strange name said the stranger sitting just opposite to me. He asked for the meaning. Proudly, I explained it’s an Hindi word (Vi- a prefix which means opposite and Manyu which means anger) which means a person who never gets angry. He bounced back with the next question-“so does the name suits your personality?”. At the very instant, I delved into the deep thinking and said  “Yes, I guess so.”

Initially, I used to blame my parents for such a tough name but later I realised that it is one and only in the whole world.

Part 2 – The dilemma of gift

I still remember the tears of joy in my mother’s eye when she got blessed with a beautiful baby with a strange kind of glow and an immense purity which was reflecting from the body of this baby. My mother forgot the whole pain while she was giving birth to this baby. She was ready to pamper and play with this baby.

You all must be thinking that what a great baby I was who brought so much of happiness to a middle income family. I wish I could but I am talking about the best gift cum toy of my life i.e.  my sister.

My sister received the best toy in the world i.e. ME. BALANCED!!!

Part 3 – The life of a nomad

Change is the only thing constant.

Embrace the change and it will return the favour by showering yourself with its beautiful gifts…

My father being a government employee gets transferred to a new place every four years.

The cities gets changed, my school gets changed, the friend circle gets changed, but the one thing was always there i.e.  the company of great river Ganges.

From the small towns of Gonda and Najibabad to the serenity of hills of Uttarkashi to the ghats of Allahabad to the world of Bollywood Mumbai to the geographical centre of India i.e. Nagpur to the capital Delhi and now to the historical significant place of Patna, my journey has become the symbol of change. This wandering has made me realize that the true beauty of world lies in the diversity it holds.

In my 25 years of journey, I met many people from diverse background and have enjoyed their culture closely. My friends often say about me that you are not from UP but from India as a whole.

This nomadic life urge me to express all my experiences with everyone which got its way by the blog writing I started around 2 years back which sometimes get extended to letter writing to my family and friends.

Part 4 – The unseen paths of my life

After passing 10th board exams, I decided to take the Humanities as the main course but my father pushed me for science. I somehow managed to ignite the interest for biology but my father pushed me for maths and hence joined NPTI for Power engineering. I became an engineer but never wanted to do MBA in power but once again I surrendered myself against my will and became Power manager.

I guess God and our father knows our needs before we even ask for it.

I am very happy and satisfied with my life wherever I have reached and feels lucky to be standing here today with you all. I never realized until now that these were all just the steps of a life ladder which helped me grow day by day. It were all unseen paths but yet so critical.

I am currently engaged with power sector consultancy assignments and helping the Bihar government in reaching their target of electricity to all. It gives a sense of satisfaction that my tiny efforts are somewhere linked with the social and economic uplifting of every citizen and hence acting as a small drop in making this world a better place to live. I would like to continue my journey with the best minds of this industry in the future also.

I would like to conclude with my favourite word – Carpe Diem – seize the day & embrace the change.

Live the life deep and suck out all the marrow of life.

Over to Mr. Toastmaster.











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