An unexpected family

Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it.


I read the above quote somewhere and instantly realized the authenticity of the sense emerging out of it. Now is the perfect time to express how I feel like being myself when I am with my family or with my special friends.

I am flying back to home and the songs from the movie Piku is on the playlist.

Being in the air, untouched by the earthly distractions and the melody infusion gives a hint that it is the perfect time to make my emotions and feelings tangible. My emotions are on a good high note since I have joined Patna Toastmasters Club (see more at – ). I was planning to join one of Toastmasters club from the last two years. The thinking of joining it finally took the form of action around four months back.

Patna Toastmaster Club

I am a paid member now. Many people join it for improving their public speaking skills but my primary intention was to interact and meet with new people.

“Just go with the flow”

Applying the above quote into my life, I never realized how the members of this group became very good friends and became a family I never imagined. With every meet (on every Sundays), we are strengthening our bond of friendship.

The relation we build in our life time,

And the moments we cherish with every person,

Is the only treasure we can own,

Is the only treasure with the existence of infinite life.

I always used to think that a person needs to dig hard to unravel the jewels of happiness but now I have started believing that happiness is a noncomprehending element which will strike beautifully from nowhere in an unexpected and unimaginative ways.

The origin point of all the above written words is the Toastmasters meet conducted on 29th Apr 2018. Let’s be honest and I admit that meet was cancelled if we go by the conventional condition of a meeting. Sometimes it is better to think unconventionally and hence my definition of a successful meet is to interact, to share, to talk, to relax, to enjoy and to build an everlasting memories. The details of the meet were-

  1. Venue – a movie Cineplex
  2. Theme of the day – Avengers: Infinity war
  3. Toastmaster of the day – we five (TM Tej, TM Pawan, TM Shalini , Tm Tanweer and me)
  4. Speakers – it was given by the actors playing the various role in the movie
  5. Evaluators – audience itself inclusive of five of us
  6. Table topic/impromptu round – we 5 were talking on randomly selected topics with no time limit of two minutes
In the Avenue of Avengers (Cineplex)

Our (outside) club meeting without conventional prepared speeches but full of impromptu talks made it a unique meet. It was like the Toastmaster meet outside the Toastmaster club. It was an initiative to stretch the sense of Toastmaster to a next level. Each one of us made a difference and together we all made the day for each one of us. A person like me who is living away from his family feels like in seventh heaven when he gets a chance to enjoy the whole day doing such activities with the people of diverse background but of similar mind set.

After movie, we made a sudden plan to go to Buddha Smriti Park and got a privilege access for entry. All the credit goes to TM Tej. I must say TM Shalini was already feeling like a VIP.

Nothing can be better than ending a perfect day on a sweet note. We ended it with a hot chocolate brownie in Maurya Lok.

It all ended well with a walk on my way back to Guesthouse thinking of all the Toastmasters and how lucky I am to have them.

I call it a perfect day.

Thank you very much TM Tej, TM Shalini, TM Tanweer and TM Pawan.

Thank you Patna Toastmasters club for giving us a new identity and a string of new connections.

I hope we would plan a whole day trip soon…



  1. Nice to hear about your new family. I really appreciate you always find out the happiness and positivity of looking life in a good way. Keep writing and I hope you create more wonderful memories with your new family and friends.

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