A stranger in the midst of clouds

The world is flat. We, human, exist like an entity and expand our presence by weaving the network of connections. This network maintains its status on the ground of our continuous endeavor of connecting and meeting new people wherever we go. Just within a lapse of a second, we can turn the status of any person from stranger into an acquaintance.

A second just passed by,

And a new wave emerges,

A new vibe was in the air,

The words just started to spread,

And a new bond with a new life was ready to nourish.

I was going to my home. Once again, I was blessed with an aisle seat (Yes, everyone prefers a window seat but not everyone can get it. It is rightly said by someone to bring the change in the world if you can but change yourself if you can’t. By default, I prefer the second option. I changed my preference instead.). I was satisfied with my seat record of getting an aisle seat continuously for the 3 times. I guess nature was not happy with my winning streak of getting the seat which I prefer i.e. aisle one. Due to some technical issue with the seat, I was shifted to a middle seat just by the side of a middle-aged man.

Generally, the music player, e-books and newspapers are sufficient to keep a passenger engrossed for two and a half hour journey. But some chemical explosion inside my neural nerves motivated me to talk to the man who was sitting just by my side. I don’t remember exactly how I initiated the talk but after some time, we were sharing our views on the effects of technology on the banking sector. He was a clerk in Federal Bank. Our main concern was more towards the ill-effects of technology on the human relations.

He explained me very beautifully how the scenario was when account holder used to visit the banks for every cash related transaction. Though, it was the “need” of past but it also resulted into a beautiful connection between the bank employees with the people living in the vicinity. They used to talk during the time taking process of bank on the topic ranging from politics to economic conditions and even their personal life. It was the era of offline corporate relations (client and service provider) when LinkedIn was not in existence.

He even told me about his family. He was from West Bengal but spent his childhood in multiple places of Bihar and Varanasi (UP). He had two daughters and the whole family was very fond of literature. He also shared how an unfixed Television act as a motivator in building the reading habit in his daughters. Their TV is now with neighbours and never returned back (TV Returns, oops TV Non-returns…haha). It actually led to more benefits than harms and they are fully satisfied with their lifestyle. I was amazed and realized that even “No TV” can be a good option to improve our life.

The journey ended on the expected time but it proved to be one of the best flight journey ever. Every element of this flight was beautiful like good seating space, a good company, nice cabin crew and last but not the least the pilot himself who was informing about the cities we ever flying through in his own unique style ( Disclaimer: I am not promoting any Flight services here).

I took the chance to talk to a stranger and it was totally worth it. I am eagerly waiting for the next trip.



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