A Culture of Transfer

From the time of inception, the universe is evolving every second. The existing world is one such manifestation of a beautiful yet complex process originated from the evolution only. The Sapiens family came as a result of it. This species was endowed with physical strength and intellect as it covered the journey of evolution in due course of time. They invent tools, domesticate themselves, created civilizations, constituted their own culture, build empires, fought war, discovered and connect with new people and thus infuse an element of change into their gene. This cycle is continued till now and reach to its magnificent era of 21st century.

While all of this was happening, a ‘sense of responsibility’ was playing its role quietly. It was affecting the world at a micro level and yet leaving a macro effects. Legends like Copernicus and Leonardo Di Vinci were just a man like anyone but their clarity over the responsibility i.e. for making the life of humankind a better one led to multiple discoveries and inventions which are of immense use to us now.

The process of passing the knowledge and information to the next generation within the species (Homo Sapiens in this case) led to the creation of ‘Culture of Transfer’. The good thing is that this culture even on-board the sense of responsibility with it. The role played by every individual on this world is just a representation of this sense only. It is varied in nature and varies from person to person.

A peek of the outside world from the Office cubicle…

We all are living to give our bit or to fulfill our part in Building a better working world. Luckily, I am associated with a firm whose tagline is also same. The firm is EY. I am a part of its Power & Utilities division. We deal with clients who are the players of Indian Power industry. I am currently on one such project with Bihar Government.

I realised my sense of responsibility few days back when my team was working on finding the frauds which happens while registering a rural person in return of a promise to provide the electricity. It was in relation to the CAMP system of electrification in which a camp is setup by the government for the whole village. We were helping finding out whether name of person and the registered mobile number is fake or not since CAMP success rate was little doubtful. The good result of Camp as shown in the reports were unable to create trust since actual conditions was reflecting poor connection rate. There were few categories in which the data numbers were inflated. Our methodology was the most enjoying one. We 4 members sit in A small space and dial multiple random number after choosing a sample from the big population (under study). It was totally giving us a feel of Call Centre (BPO) as 4 persons were continuously on calls and repeating the same lines.

My Team

While we were talking to the rural people, we realize few things. Some of the highlighting points were:

  1. You can connect deeply if you talk in their native language with a special focus on tone. They would become an open box and would describe their situation in detail once you are connected with them. It was a great thing as it was the easiest way to connect to rural even while sitting in the city AC office.
  2. Be global but think locally -Our firm brings the global experience which can bring immense changes if applied in the Indian context. It can definitely become a mix of ‘best of both the worlds’ i.e. GLOCAL.
  3. IAS officers sitting at the top are giving their 100% to improve the life of people. MD/CMD (highest designation in our office) works for 10 to 12 hours and are perfectly ensuring that every action of the whole department is targeted towards providing 24X7 power for everyone.
Electrified Patna in its pace…

This was one of the turning point which changed my perspective towards my job/work. Now I have realized the real essence of Building a better working world and how I can be of any help towards achieving it. It gives a sense of satisfaction that all of my actions are somehow a step closer in achieving the better world.



  1. Improving day by day. Enjoyed the article especially job wala part. I think there is one grammatical mistake (not sure), 1st para discovered and connect ( connected).

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  2. Sense of responsibility…. One important factor all should have… It helps us to enjoy our work.. Again u shared​ ur experience in a very well manner. .. learning for us..

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