The various episodes defining me

The gift called life:

Living the corporate life,

Understanding its culture,

Feeling the beats of modern technological world,

Every day putting up the shoes of Consultant,

Waking up with the list of tasks and client engagements,

To fulfil my dream,

Of living a new life,

Of creating a better world for me.

My window to the world

The colleagues are the new friends,

Buddies are the new family,

Mentors are the new teacher,

Projects are the new assignment,

The laptop has become the new notebook,

Outlook has replaced the Whatsapp,

Clean shave is the new trend or the only option left,

Formals have become the new skin.

Still living it,

Still loving it.

The responsibility called actions:

Keeping the optimism at its peak,

Every day, every passing moment,

Constructing a bridge,

A bridge to link my past to present,

A bridge to link my present to a beautiful future.

The office roads 

The time called Future:

The future

The harbinger of uncertainty,

Is bringing the new adventure every day,

Is bringing the new lessons every day.

The future

Dressed up with multiple ups and downs,

Still facing difficulty,

Since the mighty LUCK has become the saviour.

The luck is stretching its arm,

To strengthen us,

To guide us.

In the pursuit of defeating luck,

Future is trying hard,

But no success so far.

Standing at the cross roads-future & present…

The result called path:

Unawareness is trying to hinder, but certainty is acting as motivator,

Thus paving a path,

A path of my own,

A path I was destined for,

A path worth walking for,

A path for my identity,

A path for my happiness

And a path for my self-realization.




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