My yayavari in Delhi (But why not Mumbai???)

 *Yayavari means travelling. It is a Hindi word. 

After six days of working in the office, my body starts giving a signal urging for some rest. This realization definitely works with me as then only I booked the next few minutes under ‘ME TIME”. This is the time when I prefer to shut down from any kind of external touch with the world. Even then, the music stays and acts as the only element which can keep me intact with the surrounding. Taking my laptop in the lap and shutting down the internet is the first step. After taking a deep breathe, my finger starts jumping on the keyboard trying to align the flowing thoughts with the written words. I take a deep breathe pretending to be in the pose of meditation but even I know the truth that some external force is continuously going to tease me. This force simply spread its evil web after penetrating into my mind and coming out as a successful achiever by deflecting me from my main purpose of meditation i.e. ‘to write something, to share something, to feel something, to analyse something and to learn something about me and the world’. I don’t know whether this is my defeat or win but after sitting still for some time, I dig my past.

Au revoir, Hostel 

The basic human instinct of engulfing himself to the past memories works with me too. This time the beautiful lanes I can think of belongs to Delhi. I am amazed by myself that a person who dislike this city is in love with it now. The reason of past hatred may be the fake widespread battle between Mumbai and Delhi or the newspapers highlighting only the bad portion of this city. Luckily, I am out of this battle. The realization that both the cities have their own charm is itself a satisfying incident of my life. Both the cities live with their own pace. They both love their uniqueness and stay in peace & harmony and leave the onus of winning the battle of supremacy on the shoulders of common mass- Delhites & Mumbaikar.

When one opt for India Gate, the other opt for Gateway of India,

When one think it as the Capital of the nation, the other edit it as the Financial Capital of the nation,

When one is satiating the taste buds with Chhole Bhature, the other is holding Pav Bhaji in the hands,

When one flaunts the development by Metro lines, the other feels elevated on the bloodline of city called as Locals,

Where one is rich with diverse culture from all the states, the other is the father and originator of filmography,

Where one is located nearby Himalayan range, the other is happy with Arab sea,

Where one prefers to shout-“Dilli hain dilwalon ki”, the other prefer to tag themselves as “Aamchi Mumbai”.


I don’t know the pros and cons of this battle and I don’t need it too but this battle acts as the thread of connection in between these two cities. Delhi gave me Postgraduation degree and a career option whereas Mumbai (Nagpur) gave me my Undergraduation degree.

Few days back, when I went to Delhi and meet some college friends, I realized that I love it more than I ever think of. It has given me a millions of unforgettable memories. The memories which are filled with Lal Kila, Parathe wali gali in Chandni Chowk, Akshara theatre and the Sherlock Holmes play, Agrasen Ki Bowli, aimless walk in Connought place, Beating retreat parade, etc. and the most important college cum home-NPTI, Faridabad.

A bid adieu to Delhi is never easy whenever I am there.





  1. Your writing style is splendid indeed. Got nostalgic with the flow… It seems I was missing the enigma more and more with those passing words. Simply loved it Vim’s…!!!
    Keep posting…!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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