The upheaval of my sojourn…

It is the basic human instinct of digging the past and instead forget to live in the present. We are creating a chain of series with every passing moments. We are making our present and constructing the base for the future. While we are busy searching for the life, it is happening to us simultaneously and unconsciously. Life has the best plans for us and we just need to realise it and cherish it.

In the pursuit of gaining an insight of such plans, we interact with the surrounding. We start understanding the real power of new interaction with our surrounding once we leave our comforting nest and gear our self to embrace the world. Then, we all start moving to cover our own journey. The journey which will give an identity to us and will take us to the final destination of self-realisation. I guess I never realised that my journey has been already started a long back ago. The clock started ticking from the time I entered into this world.

My life which is taking me to the various places and bringing me into contact with different people is the one I destined for. I started from a small place of Gonda and then shifted to the plains of Najibabad. Next, I am in the middle of mountains range of Uttarkashi and then follow the parallel journey with the river Ganga to the bank of Allahabad. Then, leaving the company of Ganga to join the immense Arabian Sea in the Mumbai was an unexpected journey. I guess Ganga also loves my company and hence the whole universe conspire to bring me to the bank of this river again i.e. Patna. I hope I would make my journey ahead a spectacular one.




  1. I was with you Vims for the past two years & I must say you are a good friend of mine.
    You are among those fellows of mine who are always there for help. You are among those friend of mine who are always ready to learn & try.
    Keep your spirit up & be a happy man like always.

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