The mystery of inspiration…

Inspiration is sine qua non for living a cheerful life. It provides us with an aim worth struggling for. It provides the direction to our path. It is the one element which takes a simple man to the doorstep of glory. The world is a mixed bag of variations and diversity is the one inherent quality it evolves with. This characteristic has some genetic imprints in the human race also.

Human is a versatile social being. Even if the source of motivation is taken as the yardstick for unraveling the real personality, we will be astonished by the result. The concept of motivation suddenly came into my mind while I was watching the TED talk of Shahrukh Khan (SRK). He is undoubtedly the king of Bollywood. He is the seller of dreams. He is the king of romance. I feel strange to admit but it’s true that I like him more for his oratory instead of his acting skills. We all see him as a star and forget the hidden struggle for survival which he faced initially.

He well focussed on the simplicity of a being in his talk. We all being are born original and untouched by the element of fraud. We say what we think right. We believe what our conscious tends us to. The meaning of migration stands for Siberian words only and never for humans. But then we enter the real world and our perception & meaning take a new dimension.

SRK himself described this magnificent entrance as-“Ideas were flowing with freedom and speed; I experienced the miracle of cooperation and my own creativity when supported by the resourcefulness of collective endeavors which catapulted me into super-stardom.”

The present is the most powerful element. The present is actually a PRESENT to us from the almighty TIME itself. Few lines of SRK well focussed on its uniqueness-

“If there is a momentous time for humanity to exist, it is NOW.

The present YOU are brave;

The present YOU are hopeful;

The present YOU are innovative and resourceful;

The present YOU are annoyingly indefinable.”

The time is powerful. It can build us or break us. It can enlighten us with the supreme knowledge or it can keep us in the realm of dark. Being a romantic fellow himself, he definitely touches it in his speech. The words were-

“The dignity of a life, a human, a culture, a religion, a country, actually resides in its ability for grace and compassion.”

He ended his talk by paying concern to the present conflicting scenario prevailing in the whole world. The negativity is at its peak. Every country is rich but poor enough to help anyone. Every country is on track of development, but still many countrymen are living a miserable life. Nature never differentiated among its children, then why the children divided themselves in pursuit of illusory excellence is a big question.

He ended his beautiful speech by a hope that-

“We can use the walls to keep the people outside; or break the barriers and welcome them.

We may use faith to make people afraid; or to give them courage to achieve enlightenment.

We may use energy to make nuke bombs; or to spread the joy of lights to the millions.

We may use all the money earned for futile wars and to give the guns in the hands of children; or use it to make more food to fill their belly.”

I know the world has still kept the light of hope ON. Many NGOs and social societies are working to lift the destitute. 

Hope prevails.

Optimism prevails.

Happiness prevails.
Please watch the following link: – SRK on Ted talks



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