The inner tussle


My fellow guys

MBA-Power Management

14th batch

Main buidling
Hostel-From the corridor
Hostel garden- From the corridor
Enlightened dark

With every passing day,

With every moment running away,

I am expanding a bit more,

I am inflating my lungs a bit more,

Clicking more pictures,

Creating more galleries.

Unknown venues turning into known,

Untried foods and their presence on my platter,

I am connecting to the connected ones a little more,

Reducing my comfort zone,

Trying to live every day like the last,

To breathe in more,

To fight the unstoppable time.

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Prepared my weapons,

Ready to initiate a war,

Striving to win and to make TIME standstill,

In the hope of making last college days a timeless thing,

To make an everlasting relationship and to tag the journey- a ‘regret less’ one.



The roads I can never get rid of…


Aware of the power of TIME,

Aware of my helpless situation,

Still gearing up to fight,

Still waking up every day to cherish what I have.





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