A poem to mark my bid adieu; a poem to mark a new beginning

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Counting the last college days, realizing the end of good days;

Cherishing the memories, collecting the collectibles;

The curriculum I hate the most, the curriculum now a part and parcel of my life;

Initial tough days turning into the ever-lasting memorable days;

The hostel mates once a competitor, now a family;

Playing all night long & sleeping all day;

Bunking the classes, but getting the lessons learned;

Scoring in exams & submitting assignments; managed to weave a beautiful story;

Gearing up for the new world, mastering the skill set required;

Darwin left the survival theory, left with no choice but to adapt;

Seasons passed by creating bonds,

Seasons passed by fulfilling the promises and bringing smile to faces,

Days passed by cheering up the mates;

Days turned into months, months turned into years;

The time passed away, but passed with grace;

Milepost bound to come off acting as a mark- a mark of success or a mark of worthy lesson;

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It’s all there in my mental picture, filling my (mind) suitcase;

Ready to take a new leap and ready for a BIG new world.

New year after exams
IMG-20160423-WA0004 - Copy
Rise of a new bond amidst darkness
Power plant…ashes of past




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