The forest

The movies are a great way to depict the culture and the lifestyle of any country. I have never been to Thailand for real, but undoubtedly I can say that some understanding of its forest and the manner of living of the associated people have been attained now. I recently watched a fantasy-drama Thailand based movie with the name- ‘The forest’.

It is a story which revolves around a young guy named Preecha who in the pursuit of some real-life experiences ends up exploring the contrast between the reality and the imaginary world. A new teacher arrived at a village in the dense forest of Thailand. Preecha was living in a monastery for the past several years and illuminating the common mass and other fellow monks about the real life world. It was all going well until he realized that a person untouched by the realities himself cannot instruct about it.

The words have the true essence only when the word is rooted in the realm of realities.

The theoretical sayings are of no use until they stand rigidly on the expectations of the practical world.

 The cognizance of this made him change his current track. He was now ready to engulf into the sea of mysterious realities.

The girl in the school, the school to learn about the real life world


He joined a school under the Ministry program for providing education to the tribal children. This school was in a hamlet which was slowly dying due to crop failures and unfavourable weather conditions. Even the young natives have left the place in order to live an exuberant life in the cities. He was ready but unaware of the journey ahead. He met a mute girl named Ja in his class. He was considered to be a ‘retard girl’ by the fellow students. A mean girl Waan and her gang used to bully her. Preecha feels an obligation to stop all the mischief which later resulted into his clashes with the father of Waan who was also the village head.

The contrasting situations of Preecha and Ja were similar. They both were unable to harmonize themselves with the realities and were trying to find a way to escape. Ja finally found the solace into the forest considered to be haunted. She met a strange wild boy there. She even started calling him ‘BOY’. The Boy was a firm believer that this forest is his home and hence he is the undeniable ruler of this kingdom. He was the sole authority to decide for the permit for entering into it. Impressed by the brave, revolting and fearless nature of her, he allowed Ja for a restriction less visit to the forest. They used to talk (he was the only one with whom Ja speaks) for the whole day and became very good friends. They both were transferring their knowledge to each other. Where the girl was good in educational curriculum, the boy has received all his learning from the forest itself.

The girl expressed the meaning of love; the boy expressed the language of Jungle.

The girl taught him alphabets; the boy inferred the communications among animals.

There is a heart-touching scene when boy explains the liveliness among different jungle inhabitants. He listens to the talk among birds, trees, monkeys, etc. and deduced that since the leaves are dry and the weather is hot, the birds have predicted for the big fire and now their wild chirruping is raising the attention and as a result monkeys are in full actions.

gI_59967_The Forest - poster October 2015
The final depart


The boy in order to get rid of Waan’s bad deeds killed her. It results to the outcast of Ja. She ran away into the forest. Preecha who was here to learn and live with the realities himself returned to his initial state of monastery life. He himself helped her in running away and going to the deep forest. The true existence of wild boy remains a mystery. He may be an imaginary creature arising out of the Ja’s mind to get indulge in the world of her own or maybe a spirit of her dead brother. Though his existence is unclear but his importance in her life is immense and certain.

The movie ends with a beautiful note- the clashes between the realities and imagination will go on forever; the urge is to find a suitable combination or selection which can act as a good shelter for our inner soul.



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