The memorable night

In this modern age, we are enjoying the fruits of many scientific discoveries and inventions but the most recognized one is the electricity. We are so accustomed to its use in our life that its non-availability& non accessibility has become an unimaginable scenario to think of. The last night was a different night. There was a power cut of around 6 hours. It means my whole night was spent without power. I was struggling with two of the worst enemies of the human race- mosquitoes & hot weather. The moments of happiness was well facilitated by the cool breeze that was blowing outside the room. The breeze was giving the visit once in a while. The flowing breeze may be insufficient to help me get a sound sleep but it was more than enough to realize that happiness can arrive at the most unexpected times.

Life is not beautiful because it arranges for everything we wish for, but because it often manipulate and design the things in such a way that human is left with nothing but a moment of amazement.

NPTI lanes or London streets


Our campus is a complex society as the hostel, administration building, residence of Director General & other staff members are all stuffed into one unit. We try our best to maintain the harmony among us despite the existence of various reasons of conflicts. We have been successful in this endeavour of ours for the past one and a half years. The Diwali crackers, late night badminton matches and the birthday celebration with extreme violence at the dawn of a new day can sometimes act as big distractors for the people who are half asleep which results into the undisciplined actions against us. These all are the constituents of  our funny student life. While realizing all this, I felt it’s better to go out.

I came out of my room to the balcony to take a magnificent view of the campus roads. Generators are there to provide a backup power which keeps the street lights ON. I am mesmerized every time I see this view. It reminds me of the various scenes from the Sherlock Holmes TV series where the London streets were shown which are covered by the gas lamps on both sides of the roads. The raindrops were supplementing the roads scene and making it a picturesque view.

The rain, the friends, the darkness, the cool breeze & the soldiers (mosquitoes),

All of this was enough to make it a different night.

My campus is beautiful. It has every element a student can wish for to survive happily in the complex academic life of two years. I wish I get one more chance to be a hostelite in my life ahead.



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