An odyssey called movie

Stein Auditorium, IHC

It is truly a strange thing that the colors of real life seem so real only when we watch them on reels. Movie reels are a great way to realize the human emotions at its best. I am fortunate to be living in a metropolitan city like Delhi. Being a resident of Mumbai, I find it hard to like it though. But I must confess that the opportunity which this city has given me is immense and that too in just a short span of two years. I am wandering and experiencing new things more than I ever did in my whole life.


The filmy Kaleidoscope…


Indian Habitat Centre (IHC) is one of the best places to visit in this city. It is a place where anyone can find something new every day. These new things are like a Santa’s bag from where a variety of things for everyone can be gathered upon. You just have to raise the first step and the enjoyment and learning will definitely be a follow-up. You can find the galleries, exhibitions, theaters, photo shoots, scientific exhibitions, conferences, etc.

Recently I got once in a million opportunities to enjoy the film festival. The name of event was-‘Habitat International Film Festival (HIFF)’ which is scheduled to be there from 24th March to 2nd April. Three to four shows are running daily on its two auditoriums. The beauty resides in every atom of this place which can even be proved by the name of its auditorium- Gulmohar & Stein.

Human is born with a limitation,

A limitation of not reaching everywhere,

A limitation of non-existence in two far away locations,

A limitation restricted by the insufficient time,

But the same human devised a tool to overcome this limitation,

The limitation common folk termed as cinema…


Motor bicycle poster


I watched two movies back to back. The first one was ‘Motor Bicycle’. It was a Sri Lankan romantic drama movie set in modern-day urban Colombo. It focuses on a boy who dreams to ride a motor bicycle with his love. It revolves around his difficulties faced after buying the motorcycle. It starts with a lengthy music running in parallel with the video showing the lifestyle of general people there. This movie well covered their emotions, culture, economy, aspirations and social group in the initial four minutes. Even though the movie is low in budget, the cinematography is excellent. The emotions of the common mass are beautifully woven and expressed through the relationship of a young couple. The boy has an unstable job in the music career whereas girl’s father has high hopes for her. Their aspirations are coming against the dreams of their parents. As a result, separation is the only solution left. The story ends in a depressed scene but it leaves an important lesson of struggle in the mind of viewers. The lesson that life may pose many ups and downs but the best way is to keep learning from the hurdles and keep on going.

The IHC campus beauty, the art in its varied form…


The next movie was unplanned. It was a Japanese movie. Its name was –‘After the storm’. The theme as stated by one critic is that one can’t get whatever he wants from his life but he can try to get as close as he can. It revolves around a private detective who struggles to fund child support money and tries his best to reconnect with his son and ex-wife. The storm is an appropriate word as it throws a light on the restlessness created in the life of a couple after their marriage split. For many, the storm may all be a natural act but humans have to face a stronger storm in their life when they are broke down or when they lost their loved ones. This storm comes unalarmed to test the strength of love.

The story starts at a slow pace but gradually pick up the pace in the middle which remains until the end. The emotional touch in this movie is extraordinary. Their son was the only link connecting husband and wife. The son was also living in mystery and once expressed his grief by saying-“sometimes I am considered to be a child, but sometimes I become an adult…” The funniest character was the mother of detective which can often be seen making fun of her son. There is an incident where she takes a dig on his son by saying that he is taking a long time in becoming a matured person (since he never becomes what he really wants to become). She also once got involved automatically to a long serious talk and then later realized that she had said something deeper which her son must note it down and use it in his book (the detective was primarily a writer). The movie ends with the ray of hope in the eyes of the detective (from his unsuccessful marriage life) but the wife reactions say something else.

Although the movie was in Japanese language but the English subtitles were sufficient to give a taste of every element of it. The face expressions and the background music efficiently created the emotional stage for the audience.

I hope such events will be there in the future too to bring the unexpected level of excitement in our regular life.

 The lovely evening in the auditorium followed by the food festival was like choco chips in the chocolate ice cream. It is our fortune that we got to taste some delicious cuisines on the same day. The literature/movies ( both are inseparable to me) and food when served on the same platter with a time interval in between is an excellent mix which I want to try again and again.

I am glad that I got a mate like you, Mr. Vikas. It is fun to be with you.



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