An unusual visit

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It is considered to be true that exploring the diverse faces which life can offer to us can prove to be a milestone in our enlightenment. We may never achieve the status of Buddha but we can overcome our own limitations by uplifting our soul as high as we can. The literature, music, mountains, volcanoes, rainbows, art, culture, food, etc. are scattered all round the world acting as an element of a beautiful gown of our planet. This culture and art element has an immense effect on our lives. It is better if we indulge in the sea of art once in a while out of our busy schedule.

In the fulfillment of such aspirations, I got success a few days back when I visited Indian Habitat Centre (IHC), New Delhi to watch a play (theater). Initially, the trip was meant for zoo which gets shifted to visiting Hauzkhas but ultimately ends up going to IHC. I went there with three of my friends- Vikas, Archit and Sameer. This was their first time experience of watching a live play. Friends have their own way of manifesting love which can be easily seen when they beat someone to death (not literally, of course). They all promised me that if this experience turns out to be bad, then that day will be my last day. Luckily, I am here sitting on my desk-breathing and 100% alive.

We entered the magnificent structure of IHC which carries a beauty of its own. The entrance was occupied by the gallery. Its theme was –‘Life in Bombay’. The beauty galore didn’t end there because it was followed by some history based artifacts. It was for sure that all the paintings were having some deep meaning behind them but we, the novice fellows, were standing there in a fake pose as if we have got the true meaning.

The name of main play was ‘The play which went wrong’. The first thing which attracted me was the place itself. The play was arranged in an open amphitheater. We, as a spectator, were going to watch the full show under the roof of million stars. The genre of play was comedy.

The act that goes wrong


It was supposed to show the real situation when everything goes wrong in a play. The following instances simply blew my mind-

  1. The director was himself a part of the play. Whenever he realized that other actors are not following the script properly, he himself gave the voice to all the characters. He did it so efficiently that no one can truly infer that he is not a person with the split personality.
    Initial act & final act in sync…
  2. The wooden door was placed there in the corner and one person was assigned the task of holding it. The blockage in the door gate was causing the interruptions in the movement due to which everyone was simply bypassing it. Every time, the door was opened, the man operating it can be seen with the guilty-filled eyes.
  3. My best part was when the girl playing the role of actress went missing. The script writer/reader standing by side of the stage came to cover her part. It is a genuine fact that she can’t act well but still she tried her best. She took the script book with herself and started reading all the lines. But the expressions were lacking. She was simply reading it. There was one time when the surprising situation was supposed to be acted. The words spoken must supposed to be in a hammering tone (like Me …mmm.mmee… but she simply read it as memememememememememe.
  4. The whole plot was revolving around a dead body but this body was itself in a confused state. It was moving, waving hands and raising eyebrows in the middle unaware of every ongoing action.
    Human emotions at its peak…

Overall it was a random act but purely reflecting the genius of director and its script writer. The music of the background was totally supplementing the whole mood.

There were 2 shows in total. The name of next show was ‘Open cast’. It was an emotional bandwagon. It was filled with multiple stories all running in parallel. It was revolving around- a maid, a theater person, am office lady, a pair of love birds and the 2 young students. The waveform of rising and falling emotions can be felt in the audience throughout the show. It ended well with a beautiful lesson that happiness lies within, the only need is to search it.

There is no doubt that drama touches the basic human instinct and brings it out for the common mass. It was a great experience. I hope such outings will be there in the future too.

Thank you everyone.



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