The morning treats…

The discipline in my life is a strange route which I rarely pursue. It is that one notion which I try my best to impart in myself but fails every time. The good thing is that failure in this manner doesn’t mean that short term success cannot happen. It can happen to anyone to anytime for any reason. I am a living proof of it.

I am enjoying a great life in my hostel. I enjoy sound sleep but also sometimes I have to break the harmony between my bed and my body. Once in a while, I go for a walk in the morning. It happens only when I left my sleeping soul and push it to cherish the external beauty. Mornings are the most beautiful and energetic period of the whole day.

Sun used to stretch its arms wearing a red rob in the morning.

The horizon is in the middle of falling nights and the rising of new day.

The birds are ready to leave their nest in search of food.

The energetic motions of every entity can be seen except few.

We, the hostelites, tagging our self as that exception are still under the blanket and thinking how much time is left before it will be too late for the first class. I am a firm believer that bunking classes may sometimes lead to more learning than to be in a boring class.

Whenever I realize that I should drink some potion of ‘morning vitality’, I pick up my pair of shoes to go for a walk. The bypass road behind my college is my favourite track. It is full of activities. I can see the Nariyalpani wala opening its shop, workers going to the factories, kids waiting for their school bus and few people like me who are just playing the role of an observant.

This view is worth watching once in a while but the most satisfactory view is of women going for work. I see all the autos and buses packed with women. Women are good in multi-tasking by nature. They all are going for work and thus supporting the nation’s economy. They left their houses with no household work left undone. They are perfectly fulfilling their role as a house manager on one side and as a growth inducer for a company on the other. Haryana has progressed a lot in the matter of women empowerment. Last year, there was news that for the first time in 10 years, sex ratio here has shown an upward trend, crossing the 900 mark i.e. 903 girls per 1000 boys. I am very lucky that I get to see the various colours of different states in my educational journey itself.

I hope my relation with discipline will one day be strong enough to resist all negative behaviours. Till then, optimism is there to rescue me.



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