A fair day to the FAIR…

Bonhomie of three…

It was just a normal day of my college. The usual lectures were there, the students were busy with their home assignments, and teachers were following their assigned schedule, and so on. I was also trying to follow the routine affairs but an inner feeling of revolt was rising inside me. This inner upheaval busted out like a volcano when my friends finally executed the long overdue plan of going to Surajkund crafts fair. It is a fair held in Faridabad, Haryana just 3-4 kilometers from my campus. We took our last class at 3 pm and then left the whole world of education (college campus) in search of some useful divine knowledge…oops…Thoda jyada ho gaya. The divine reference points to the life experience which may be gathered in this short trip.  I still doubt the validity of my above expression.

We entered the well-decorated gate of the fair keeping our engineering mentality with us.

Mr. Peeyush and his story with the costly paintings…

It is true that-

 ‘Once an engineer, always an engineer’

I can prove it. We still think for three times before spending our little pennies though we may never think or give a deep thinking even once to the assigned projects. It is an irony but these are few of the things which help me in making my blogs a little less boring. They are truth and humorous. We asked for a free ticket after proudly showing our Ministry of Power, National Power Training Institute College ID. This is again the result of our engineering blood flowing inside. Our effort and excitement were buried half in the ground when the ticket counter operator rejected our statement by mentioning few rules & regulations. We finally accepted our defeat and settle it with the 50:50 bonanza deal. We finally paid Rs. 50 instead of Rs.100.


God in different avatars…
Divine beauty
Which one to buy??? A big confusion…
The colour infused in the atmosphere…
Real India resides in the villages


The first thing I saw was a great wooden painting of the epic scene from Mahabharata where Lord Krishna stop the time to reveal the reality of the universe to Arjun. Yes, it was depicting the essence of Gita. My friend, Mr. Piyush, was very amazed by the galleries. He wanted to buy it all but the high price was a hindrance. We were walking down the beautiful lanes. The lanes with the decorated artifacts were a usual scene here. Women were busy trying everything new they were coming across.

A gate representing the culture…

Since the theme was based on the state of Jharkhand, there was a big statue of Birsa Munda. He was an Indian tribal freedom fighter, religious leader, and folk hero from Munda tribe.

Birsa Munda- the man of steel…
  1. There was also a replica of villager’s home tagged with the name-‘Mera Ghar’. It was made up of mud. The place of this fair was just a normal ground but the randomized placement of every shop and sculptures was so amazing that it was reminding us of our childhood memories. The memory of past got alive after many days. I remember when I was living in a small hilly town Uttarkashi (Uttaranchal) and my father used to take me in the annual fair.

I was able to hear the exciting sounds of kids from a distance. It was coming from the best part of the whole fair. The part where all the Jhulahs and magical shows were going on. I am ashamed to reveal the truth but I fear sitting in the giant wheels till this day. My heart comes out whenever I sit in such Jhulahs. My friend, Vikas, deserves a big token of appreciation for forcefully taking me to the every dangerous Jhulahs present there. I was drenched with immense fear initially but as it was rising, my fear was falling. My fear level finally ended up in the NULL. The victory against my small and irrelevant fear may not be a big achievement but it is definitely a transformational one.

We finally returned to our campus in the evening.

Thank You, Vikas Sir, Peeyush Sir and Amit Sir for making this unexpected event a memorable one.

I hope this sudden trip happen again.




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