A morning trip…

My life generally circles around the daily routine which I follow as a post-graduate student but fortunately, this generality takes a break when the incidents like unplanned trip occur. For the past few days, my life is getting its fuel by the unplanned incidents only. I believe they are the most successful events since planned trip never takes off. I experienced one such event today itself. Being a hostelite, I have to share my hostel room with my roomie, Aditya Prakash. He is a nice and intelligent guy and fortunately, our experience level is also identical i.e. zero

Me in the history…


Top from bottom…
Arched Aditya…
Sneeking in…
Bengali market…Irony master!!!
Tilak nagar station


as we are fresher. He believes in living the life to its fullest. I am even lucky enough to initiate my corporate life with him.

This morning trip is a result of some document error in the housing allotment of his father. We were supposed to meet a builder guy but later came to know that he is unavailable today just after we boarded the metro. We are so lazy that we don’t want to retrace the road back to the hostel and hence decided to go ahead and visit few places in Delhi. It was a nice morning. The temperature was tilted towards the colder side. The air touching the body was giving a good feeling as the optimum mix of warm from Sun and the cool breeze was energizing us to move ahead.

A benefit of such unplanned trip is that you can easily pass your time in the metro thinking of where to go. Aditya instantly suggested the name of ‘Agrasen Ki Bowli’ as the first destination. It’s a good thing that our inherent harmony leads to the instant signing of ‘MoU (memorandum of understanding) regarding the places to visit’ and started searching the history of this place. We promised that we will make it a grand day since we have already sacrificed few hours of our morning sleep. The walking is the best and the oldest way of transportation and we are undoubtedly the frequent user of this mode. Frequent user because we are not the owner of any vehicle and also metro facility is a blessing of the big cities. The ‘Agrasen Ki Bowli’ is a masterpiece in an obvious sense. It is basically a WELL constructed to fulfill the water needs of common mass in the past historical times. Around 100 steps in total stimulated us to feel like doing our morning exercise. The arches were a reason for deep thinking. The pigeons flying there were filling the environment with the sound of their wings striking in a random manner. Various natives were ready with their new selfie profile picture. The visitors with smart phones have already hash-tagged a lot of real and unreal emotions on social networking sites.

We left this beautiful place for the next adventure. Adventure as we were unaware of our next destination. We were walking and walking…We come across the Iran & Nepal embassy and then took a left road to the Bengali market. It was a nice bazaar with one fixed circular green park in the middle and surrounded by various sweet shops. Sweetness can be easily associated with the Bengalis. They reflect it through their tone, language, culture, festival and their behaviour. I know this because I did my internship of 2 months from TCS, Kolkata. But we found out an irony there. All the shops have put up a banner of Bengali sweets but they have no local Bengali ingredient included in their menu. It was like-“Bengali sweets with no Bengali touch and aroma”.

Unknown of the nearest metro station, we asked someone the nearest station and the answer was Tilak Nagar. I was in over excited mood that day as everything was going on an unexpected track and still, the charm of joy was not vanishing from our face. Tilak Nagar was not a metro station but a general local station. The open space, the cool breeze, fewer passengers, etc. were all the characteristics of this place and also just opposite of a typical metro platform but the real abnormal happiness lies in the abnormal happenings at the normal times. We bought Rs. 10 ticket to cherish the journey to its fullest but came to know from the auto wallahs that the time optimizing solution would be to take an auto to the next destination. We sacrificed our little fun and Rs.20 in order to save our time.

Nizamuddin dargah is a sacred place for the Muslim community. The peace and spiritualism were in the air. But our watch didn’t allow us to stay there for long.

We were tired a bit as of now and finally took the hard decision to halt the journey by taking Delhi government transport bus. I hope the unexpected tour like this may happen again.




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