YAYAVARI inside me…

It is the basic urge of human to express their inner upheaval to the external world through some means of interactions. These interactions can be either in the form of a mutual conversation or as a message sent via modern gadgets. I prefer keeping alive the soul of writing inside me. When your room is covered in utter silence and the slight soothing disturbance of the music is making the environment in my vicinity an inspiring one, and then the universe is definitely giving a hint that I should move my fingers and start touching the keyboard. I am just a normal guy and not a rebel and so I am obliged to follow the order of the universe.


Travelling is considered to be a learning experience for human beings. I think even various living creatures are aware of this fact. That’s why the Lions, Zebras and other animals keep moving throughout their life in order to adapt to the changing environment or in search of their food. Even our ancestors follow the same tradition and it definitely helps them to evolve which plays a critical role in bringing us to where we are now.

Being an Indian, I enjoy traveling by the trains the most. Indian Railways is one of the biggest employers in the Asia. The various elements it carries in its bag are beautiful.

I board the train after checking my seat details.

I am in silent mode and adopt a role of an observant.

I am observing the families with their heavy luggage.

I am observing the children who are unable to distinguish between the dance, run and walk. They are roaming here and there and observing every next person they are facing.

I am observing an old woman who is carrying a spiritual book.

I am observing the attendant who is facing the anger of some stubborn man.

I realize at the moment train start departing that the train coach which was once an empty box has now become a sweet box in possession of people from various states who are clearly reflecting their cultural diversity even to an observant like me. The moment the train start moving, it also starts constructing a virtual bridge between theP_20170113_114221.jpg origin and the destination. I am living my life to its fullest. I am traveling more than I have in my entire life. I hope that I live every day like it is the last.

The various journeys I embark upon,

The various paths I follow,

The various memories I cherish are all a key to link the past to the present.

The friends I have been with are all a part and parcel of life and they are the one who will make my life a worthy one. I once read a book by Rahul Sankrityayan who is known as a great YAYAVAR (traveler) explaining the various benefits of traveling. I know I am just a tourist as of now but the road towards becoming a traveler has been started now for sure.




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