A home away from home…


The people to live with…

I am kind of a guy who rarely visits his home town. I sometime feel guilty that I meet my family once or twice a year only. Then I calm myself against this regret by stating that I am preparing my self for an international job opportunity which requires longer separation from home. It is a false assumptions because the technological advancements have flatten and shrunken the whole world. I seldom seek for the answers of my such strange behavior and the result which arrived through a rough calculations is definitely a shocking one. The answer is my college life or more specifically- ‘the hostel life’.


Diwali is friend zoned.

This answer is bizarre for me as well. I was a home guy till my 12th class after which I got my wings of freedom when I joined my first hostel while pursuing B.E. under graduation course from NPTI, Nagpur.


Old strings re-energized.



This was a turning moment for me.

This was the time when I have to start washing my own clothes.

This was the time when my father was not there to wake me up in the early morning by his bitter green tea and the radio ragas.

This was the time when I will be separated from my sister and no one will be there whom I can tease whenever I feel to.

This was the time when I was unprepared for the journey I was going to embark upon.

The journey for which I never packed my bags and accessories.

The journey which was going to impact my profile for ever.

The journey of new strings to get attached to, the journey of old (ill) strings to get rid of.

The journey in the new city with the new culture.

Are you ready for the placements???Nah…


I never thought the outcome of this journey would be a sour fruit. I never expected that the hostel life which is one of the best gift of my entire college life will emerge as a culprit of my strange behavior of not going to home. It is for sure acted as a gift also since it gave me a glimpse into the domain of some technological knowledge. I feel relieved to unburden myself from all the sins I have done and transferring it to the tag of hostel life.


The 4…Bonhomie.


It gave me a home away from my home. It gave me a family which comprises of people from diverse geography who are versatile enough to act differently according to the situations to make my life a worth cherishing.


Guardian or friends…No demarcation.


They can become the guardian at one time when my teachers gets angry with my studies and then also become my partner as a friend in my bad deeds. On the way to my journey which comprises of ups & downs, sad & happy moments, this binding force which is attaching me with my new home is getting stronger day by day.

I am very thankful that I am living my moments with the people like you.


Say hello to Santa.


Thank you MBA-14th batch.

Thank you BE 2011-15th batch.

Au revoir.




TnP (additional) committee




  1. really hostel life is d best part. …u can actually know where you stand. ..u can grow and learn from d diverse culture. ..nicely written. .and justify this wonderful moments with MBA 14th batch. .

    Liked by 1 person

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