My life in a swing…

Life starts out of nowhere in this planet. As a result of this disruption, species starts spreading their beauty all over the sphere. Animal group were also in the hurry to present their skills in the stage named life cycle. Every creature in this planet has some uniqueness in some way. But these characteristics prove to be useful only when the chord of life becomes magical. This life is provided to many but only few realize its true nature. The life manifest itself through the inner happiness which all of us are equally worthy of. It is our own sweet silliness that we stay unaware of it and travel the whole life path without realizing the true essence. The essence of life in my consideration is happiness only.
When I trace back the memory lane, I found myself to be a lucky guy. I believe the universe never fails in its endeavour of making us happy but it’s us who refused to identify it. I am also a naïve guy but I have started understanding the clues which are coming in various forms. These various forms playing their role indirectly but touching me directly can be anything ranging from the music, my family & friends, my college and the whole diverse world around me. I cannot explain the whole concept but I can try at least.

I am pursuing MBA in Power from NPTI, Faridabad which is a fine and reputed college in the power sector. This college is playing a great role in my higher education as I did my engineering degree also from it. I am enjoying the life it is allowing me to live. How? A great question…hmmm…the answer is very simple…the walk


I daily take the walk after completing my dinner with my friends. The dinner is done in the dining hall where the 40 students eat together and talk to each other. Of course, the best part is the dinner part i.e. the food part (boys love food!!!) but we never realize the best part until it happens. So, when I start strolling in the grounds of my college campus, I always feel that I am definitely going to miss this place. I am generally with my special friends while I am on walk but I am also alone in some rare cases. In such rare cases, I am left with no one to talk to and hence start observing the surrounding. I must admit that a keen observation may sometime lead us to deep thinking about our current state. I realize that the dark road in the middle and the attached beautiful park is one day not going to be the part of my life but the next moment my mind pop up with the notion of ‘memory’ and so come to know that all my present will be imprinted into the memory section in the future.
Music generally is my companion in this lonely walk. Music is a great gift connecting us to ourselves. I tune in to the songs like- ‘Those to come’ by ‘The Shins’ and ‘Teri meri baatein’ from the movie ‘Piku’ and forget all the external worries. A great motivational push can be achieved through listening to ‘Lost but won’ by the composer ‘Hans Zimmer’.
I have write much now and I have shared much. I hope I will continue writing like this.
The Christmas is coming.
The New Year is coming.
My exams are going to finish soon.
I am going home and may get a chance to meet my school friends after a long time.
A lot of happiness is on my way. The only concern now is that I must be able to grab these clouds of happiness as soon as possible because life is so short to waste it on the useless unhappy things.



  1. Too impressive vimanyu…keep going like this and be happy in each and every situation as you are because we don’t know ” kya pata Kal ho na ho”…
    Several time I listen you and always tried to speak like you with such a soft skill but…????
    You have beautifully express your emotion and truth of life…we really don’t know that what next..
    I remind some lines after reading your blog and I want to write for you dear…

    पूर्व चलने के बटोही बाट की पहचान कर ले।

    पुस्तकों में है नहीं
    छापी गई इसकी कहानी
    हाल इसका ज्ञात होता
    है न औरों की जबानी

    अनगिनत राही गए
    इस राह से उनका पता क्या
    पर गए कुछ लोग इस पर
    छोड़ पैरों की निशानी

    यह निशानी मूक होकर
    भी बहुत कुछ बोलती है
    खोल इसका अर्थ पंथी
    पंथ का अनुमान कर ले।

    पूर्व चलने के बटोही बाट की पहचान कर ले।

    यह बुरा है या कि अच्छा
    व्यर्थ दिन इस पर बिताना
    अब असंभव छोड़ यह पथ
    दूसरे पर पग बढ़ाना

    तू इसे अच्छा समझ
    यात्रा सरल इससे बनेगी
    सोच मत केवल तुझे ही
    यह पड़ा मन में बिठाना

    हर सफल पंथी यही
    विश्वास ले इस पर बढ़ा है
    तू इसी पर आज अपने
    चित्त का अवधान कर ले।

    पूर्व चलने के बटोही बाट की पहचान कर ले।

    है अनिश्चित किस जगह पर
    सरित गिरि गह्वर मिलेंगे
    है अनिश्चित किस जगह पर
    बाग वन सुंदर मिलेंगे

    किस जगह यात्रा खतम हो
    जाएगी यह भी अनिश्चित
    है अनिश्चित कब सुमन कब
    कंटकों के शर मिलेंगे

    कौन सहसा छू जाएँगे
    मिलेंगे कौन सहसा
    आ पड़े कुछ भी रुकेगा
    तू न ऐसी आन कर ले।

    पूर्व चलने के बटोही बाट की पहचान कर ले।

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