My transformation into new me…

People keep reminding me of the fact that change is the only thing constant. The hammering repetition has made me accept this fact gladly. The reason for my willingness to befriend the change is the good result I am enjoying afterward. The change always happens for something better and I admit that. Though the change is in existence forever but I understood it a little late in my life. It is so because the human mind has a tendency to evolve. It evolves and understands better only with due course of time. Evolution is the manifestation of change which can be traced beautifully.

‘Change’ has become my alter ego.

I see it when I look at myself in the mirror every morning.

I feel it when I connect with people.

I sense it when I watch myself performing everyday activities.

I wake up daily in the morning inundating myself with the doubt of various sources of change. I even succeeded in finding a few of the answers. One is my past life itself. Being the child of a central government employee, I switched my city after every four years. I have been to five cities and six schools in the 23 years of my life. Putting a little more emphasis on my mind, the second answer to emerge is the student life of the Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV). It is a government school where people from across the country sit together on the same type of benches and speak a common lingo ignoring their respective origins. They struggle through the same type of complex and boring assignments on one hand whereas unitedly enjoy games like football on the other.

The third harbinger of change is undoubtedly my alma mater, NPTI. I have completed my  graduation from NPTI Nagpur but a major portion of the credit goes to NPTI, Faridabad from where I am currently pursuing my post-graduation i.e. MBA. I took admission unwillingly to this college but a little retrospection proves that it is the one place which gave me the biggest hope. The hope which has lifted me from the sea of sorrow to the mountain of victory. The hope which is continuously erupting the volcano of happiness from the inside now. This hope refers to my PLACEMENT in an MNC which simply made me realize the economic value of my existence. Future managers like me have a great onus to pave the better road for the future and we must realize this soon. This college gave me a myriad reason of considering life as one beautiful shot. This college gave me the best batch mates ever. Our class represents a mini family in its own with various roles played by different members. The experienced members are good for seeking advice whereas the freshers like us constitute a good gang exclusively for fun.

I am thankful for all the elements of this vast universe which made my existence in this world possible and joyful. I have traveled so far gathering a lot of experiences and I am confident that the road ahead will be a better journey.

I am waiting eagerly to embark upon this unknown journey of my further transformation. I just need the  blessings of the universe to accompany me because the road less traveled can be excellent but when traveled alone is risky.

Thank you everyone for being a part of my life.



  1. It is certainly one of the better feelings in life when you find yourself confident enough to face challenges and take calculated risks. I hope you keep going on and on, learning and transforming yourself all along the way.

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