My days in the paradise…



Places…Victoria memorial.

I was on my train around 2 months back. The special train which got delayed by 12 hours. The train to Kolkata from Delhi. The train which was supposed to take me to a place where I am going to learn a lot of corporate ethics and its modus operandi but it ended up teaching me about wide sphere I crossed in between Delhi and Kolkata. The varied language, the varied geography, the varied people but still the uniformity in their life.


Image-From dawn to dusk…

I am sitting on my bed trying to gather the words which can explain my journey of Kolkata. The city with which I slowly fall in love. It can be called as my love in the time of internship.   It is the place from where I get an opportunity to learn a lot about the corporate world through my internship in TCS. Kolkata is a city which is happy with its own pace. A city with the people of big heart, at least big enough to accommodate all the citizens coming from various places. Kolkata, the city which still preserve the old customs with proud. The city where still the natives are using tram because even now wearing the gown of old customs in the era of the new enlightened world for the sake of wrapping two distinct times into one is a cheerful act to do. There is no doubt that they are enjoying best of both the world. The same feeling I received on a special ride on the tram. The internal architecture of this elegant snake roaming freely through the complex web of the city is a thing of its own kind. The old big fan covering the whole roof of my cart was enough to provide air to everyone sitting inside. The big blades, the rusted sound, the dim light and the relatively slow pace of tram was enough to make you feel as if you are sitting on a historical ride. The ride which is our weakened past but strong enough to vividly represent the minute evolution(into the current world). It is a superb agent ready to serve you. It stops whenever and wherever you want it to. Its prime concern is your satisfaction and happiness. I hope I have enough personify and promoted this unique machine.


Image – In the midst…

I live in Mumbai and so my fondness for the vast sea is not a matter of choice. Even I am fortunate enough to live in the cities which are always at the bank of some water bodies. Uttarkashi every year face the moral wreckage of river Ganga. Allahabad is inundated partially in the peak glacier’s melting time. This city also accommodates the merger of three rivers(one of them is Saraswati which is extinct now). In a nutshell, water always keeps me in its neighborhood no matter what.

1469086727590    Image – Hooghly river…


Kolkata city is also blessed with the river, Hooghly. Without any doubt, I can say that the ferry ride below the Howrah bridge was the best place to visit here. The cheap ticket fare of ferries along with the natural breeze is a great mix to make your visit a worthy one. You can simply extend your arms like the Titanic pose( with no girl in my case) without ever thinking of an iceberg to act as a killing agent for you. The bank of this river land you to the old style city where streets are full of vendors selling Chanachur and Jhalmuri. A Rs.10 packet of Chanachur is enough for your 30-minute walk and belly to give a sensation of saturation. You are in the right place if you have a sweet tooth. The famous item Rasogullas are waiting for you.

A good part is the commuting part. If you are a wanderer who prefers public vehicles instead of personal one, then you will love to use buses. Those buses have 60% seats reserved for ladies(and I praise that) provide enough space to stand. These buses are again a good media to take you to the old time. I listen to old Hindi songs or Bengali music every time I traveled and the strange fact is that I even started loving it.

I am for sure not going to bore you with my full trip description. I am leaving my story in a half-baked position so as you yourself can write it according to your experience. I would suggest all of you to visit this city whenever possible and once in your lifetime. The month of July and August is a charm to add because of the nice weather supplementing the enjoyment of your trip.

After this trip, I learned a lot. I learned business ethics and administration because of the internship. I learned the value of friends which can easily transform into good colleagues whenever you want them to.

1469086705485     Image – A good start…

I learned that Indian spirit is residing in every one of us and just their manifestation differs from place to place. Now the last important lesson is to always listen to your inner self which is now suggesting me to stop fooling around and instead start preparing my report. Oops…Bye.

1469086704970    Human & Nature                                                                                                                                                   at the bank





  1. Waah mere sher….. Tumne bahut sanjidgi aur khubsurti se ye likha h…padhte samaye aaisa lag raha tha maano k tum mere bhawnaao ko wyakt Kar rahe ho. Umeed karte h k mujhe aage bhi tumhare dwara likhe hue aise lekhon ko padhne ka saubhagya milega.

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  2. nice vims. ..this is exactly I felt when I have been to this place in 2002….rich culture of’s rich food. .always attrack me. …thanks for making me travel to kolkata once again wit ur writing. ..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow…kolkata..a city of talented people..also rasogulla typs.hehe.
    I want to go kolkata with my husbnd..
    Atlst titanic pose to bna saku..hahaha.. Vim bahut mast describe kia h.really..

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