My new bonhomie…

I am fortunate enough to live a life of nomads because of my father’s job which changes the work city every four years. This helped me in connecting  and observing to the diverse aura of my country, my motherland, Hindustan or India.

My travelled journey is a long story which took a halt in the hut of MBA programme in which I have currently enrolled myself to. I am a student of MBA Power Management in NPTI, Faridabad. I never thought that I would be able to change my attitude towards life in such a big way after joining it. This course is more of an introspection in lieu of extrospection. It facilitate 360 degree transformation in yourself.

I am observing a new ME…

It is adding multiple edges in my holistic development. It is providing a stage which is bringing out my inner universe in front of the external world. So, in a way, it is bridging my internal soul to all the random souls roaming in my vicinity. I was an introvert but now I am on the transition phase towards extroversion.

This is my new life and I am very happy with it.




  1. Transformation is good…
    As its a dynamic world…
    And I believe that u r transforming yourself in a positive way…
    So… Would like to welcome you in this drastic transforming world.

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